A downloadable game for Windows

Thank you for testing my new game!

I've been working pretty hard on the beat detection and reader.
In this game you will be able to input any of your own music! (.mp3s, .wavs, and .oggs)
Then choose one of three different game modes! (Slasher, Dodger, or Shooter)

I need some feedback on the beat detection and the design overall, but keep in mind:
This is a very early build! It has no in game menus, it will just throw you right into the 'Slasher' mode with preset songs.
I removed everything else because it is not finished and isn't needed at this point. I only have a Windows Mixed Reality headset.
That in mind, I think it will work just fine with the HTC Vive, but I am not sure about oculus. Please let me know if it works for
either of those. EXPECT LITTLE BUGS.

Belong - Cash Cash
Decoy World VIP - INTERCOM
Final Smash - MDK
Fortress - Rogue
Rock it - Toyko Machine
Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix)
The Middle - Zedd
100 Bills - Jaroslav Beck <--- this is the song from the 'Beat Saber' trailer (more about that below in the 'Feedback' section)


There are TWO BUILDS:
Dynamic Speed : Beats will come at a speed corrisponding with the song intensity (My favorite)
Static Speed : Beats will come at a single speed with no changes

Both are gonna be an option in the final game, I just want to know which one people like better

Hit the beats with the corrisponding sword based on the colors (red or blue).
It does not matter in what direction you will hit it from (However that will be added later as an option)
You don't have to worry about cutting through a blue to get to a red or being marked down for it. The game doesn't care if you cut through
a blue to get to a red, but the blue will not go away when you do this unless you also cut it with the blue sword. The game does
keep track of your swinging, so if you spam swinging, you will lose your combo and multiplier. Also, make sure you are swinging
pretty hard because the game will not count a wimpy swing.

Press both menu buttons to recenter yourself
Press both touchpads in to skip a song (It will randomize it as you hold)

You will see a HUD in the game when looking through the VR Headset. It has:
Score : the score of the current song (1 beat cut addes the 'multiplier' to your score)
Combo : how many beats did you cut in a row
Multiplier : a longer combo will give you a higher multiplier
Dots : These show how many swings you have left until you loose your combo, you have a set for each sword, and they reset
when you hit one of the corrisponding beats!

Please let me know what you think! I know there is a VR game coming out called, "Beat Saber," and that this is very similar, but
this game will be different in many ways:
It will have multiple game modes, not just 'Slasher'
You can use your own music because it is procedually generated (Beat Saber only has premade songs I do beleive, but I'm not sure)
Multiple maps all with customization
Will, MAX, only be $15 when finished. (or if 'Beat Saber' is $15 or less, then $5 less than whatever 'Beat Saber' is) "MARKETING" ;)

Please email me at: "KFriskeStudios@gmail.com" with your feedback or
post a reply on the reddit post or on my old game's steam news post


Rhythm Rush! VR (ALPHA).zip 89 MB