The Shadows Inside

GAME FOR THE  Community Game Jam 2019


You and your family are taken hostage by shadow demons that came from no where. You must escape and find your family.

Top-down, turn-based, puzzle horror game.


Kahlen Friske - Programmer + Game Designer

Mikhaila Friske - Secondary Programmer

Keyton Friske - Music Creator + Pixel Artist + Animator

Kevin Friske - Story Writer + World Builder


There is a bug in the kitchen where you can leave the map.

There is a bug where you cannot grab the key in the living room which makes it impossible to finish the game.

These will be an update that will fix all issues once the jam is over.

That being said here is the ending where the theme gets tied together:


Once you get the key in the living room, you go and unlock the door.
Two bigger shadows attack you and there is no way to escape or kill them.
They grab you and a cutscene plays
It shows the two big shadows dragging you into the darkness
Then it shows you in a straight jacket and in an asylum.
It shows a article about how a crazy child who killed all his siblings and the parents came home to see everyone is dead.
The parents talk about how they saw him strangling a cat in the park. They locked him in the basement to protect the family and their image. Just for the child to crawl through the vents, escape, and murder everyone else.
This shows how this whole game you thought you were the hero saving your family but it lied. You are the killer.


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how the fuck do i pull an object

also i lost all my progress since the bug didn't let me finish so please add check points or saves so i don't have to play the game all over again next time i exit

This is my 1# favourite game on Thank you. Everything about it is absolute perfection and exactly the kind of game I've been searching for. All I ask is PLEASE squash the pesky bugs!

That intro fealt so good.
I had a blast playing through the first room, but it slowed down a lot durent the vent level. It was really long.
Unfortunrly I didn't see the end, as I got softlocked with the invincible shadows.
In summary I great game.